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About Us

As the first Certified Feline Master Groomer in Arizona, Gabi Kat Grooming is a feline/cat exclusive groomer in Tucson. We have been servicing the local community since 2012, and May 1st of 2023 marked our 11 year business anniversary. Offering a wide range of grooming options, "we come to you" in our mobile grooming van.

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Please note that 3:30 pm is the last appointment time of the day. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

We focus on quality time spent with the cats, and we "love on them" during their grooming session ... we travel on "cat-time" and the duration of our visits is determined by the needs of the cat, not our personal schedules. As a result, our appointment times can run fast or slow. We will call you at the end of the previous appointment with an approximate time of our arrival.

Gabi and Barner Tiefenbrunn

Gabi and Barner Tiefenbrunn

"A day spa for your cat" caught our attention. What a cool idea. It sure would have been great for "Katie" when she had what we now know was a pelt. Yes we were of the uneducated masses as far as grooming your cat goes. Cats clean themselves right? That was the summer of 2011. By September Barner had me enrolled for the January 2012 class so I could get my C.F.M.G. and we could get a trailer and I could start grooming cats. Tucson didn't have any cat groomers, so it just seemed like a great business idea. After the two weeks of the most intense thing I had ever done - I was 57, had been a graphic artist and a commercial embroider designer... Been a long time since I was at school. But I love cats. All of my adult life I had cats as pets. What a wonderful fun job.

I got my C.F.M.G., got home and then the real work started, planning to open a Feline Exclusive Grooming business. First a name, easy: Gabi Kat (my nick name) Grooming. We thought maybe a salon with a retail section of cat stuff ... looked at the rental, overhead and wow, after 5 years we would only have more rental and overhead. And we would be grooming kitties with shorter "turkey timers." Then we contacted WagnTails and decided the Sprinter was the most suitable mobile unit for the Tucson area. We have hills with narrow roads, not a lot of parking areas for a trailer and large vehicle.

We picked up the Sprinter mid-March 2012 in between the large tornados that were blowing around the mid west. We had the CattyShack Vac installed, added a Chris Christianson Kool Dry, and had a stainless steel table custom built.

Clients are blown away when we drive up. In addition, we have our own power and water, we do not plug in or hook up. They know we are very serious about grooming their fur baby! We even invite them to stay if they wish to see how we care for their cat. Some take a few moments, some leave early, knowing their cat is in good hands. We have an open door policy; although we keep the big sliding door locked while grooming, we have access through the passenger side door to enter the main salon or just watch through the clear passage door.

I groom with my husband, Barner. He is there when I need a second pair of hands, and someone to love on the kitties. Barner is one of those people that animals love, dogs will drag their owners across the street to visit him. He also cleans up, so the van is ready for the next stop. We clean the van and equipment between each household. It’s also fun being with each other.

We groom at Hermitage, a local no kill cat rescue shelter on our day off. Some of the cats that are adopted we continue to groom.

We are living a fun dream. There is nothing more satisfying than a cat coming into the van, with mats, hurting, and hissing, transformed during the grooming process to a purring, head-butting new cat. Many of our clients call us, write us, asking what we did; they have a new sweet loving kitty... :) Job well done.

Cheryl Wright, Scheduler

Cheryl Wright, Scheduler

Cheryl is our appointment scheduler at Gabi Kat. She also helps establish customers who have filled out the new client application form. Call or text (520) 403-5910(520) 403-5910 today for your cat to be accommodated into our grooming schedule!

Destiny Wright-Richards, Head Groomer Manager

Destiny Wright, Head Groomer Manager

Destiny is Gabi Kat's head groomer manager. She is Cheryl's granddaughter and loves everything "cat." She is working to get her C.F.M.G. Your feline companion will be in good hands with Destiny to help make the grooming experience comfortable for your cat.