Read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Gabi Kat Grooming.

"A HUGE thank you to Gabi Kat Grooming, LLC - Cats Only, Mobile. These wonderful ladies came out and made Squirrel so much more comfortable, and they were so wonderful with her. Squirrel is a special needs kitty, with a possible traumatic brain injury and possible vision and hearing impairments, and Gabi Kat was SO good with her! We cannot recommend them enough, nor speak highly enough of their kind-heartedness."

- SquirrelBleps

"The groomers were so sweet and professional. I felt sooo comfortable leaving Koki Shoki to get her "Spa" treatment.... haha. Thank you Irma and assistant. I will definitely continue using Gabi Kat."

- Anonymous Reviewer

"I had 2 cats recently groomed by Gabi. It was their first time & I was very worried about how they would react. Both did very well & neither was upset afterward. They look great! One was so matted & pelted that a lion/bobcat cut had to be done & he feels so much better! He used to be a mean, hard to handle bully & now he's affectionate & loving and peaceful! What a difference! He would NOT let me groom him but Gabi said he was an angel with her! Can't thank you enough Gabi! See ya in 3 months."

- Tammy Rogers

"My cats look so great!!! Thanks so much."

- Anonymous Reviewer

"Sophie, Markie, and Chezzie look and feel great! Irma and Tamara were very kind and patient with our furry kitties. They and Cheryl, our scheduler, were all fantastic to work with! Thank you!"

- Candace

"Gabi and Tamara - Your two clients are so incredibly happy; you should see them!! HA! Thank you again for your expert care and talent."

- Jill and Drew

"I had a severely matted 19 year old cat and a moderately matted 15 year old. Kasee and her husband came by and did an EXCELLENT job on my cats! My 19 year old had matts on her neck that kept her from sleeping comfortably and I had a hard time keeping up with them as her skin is so frail and tears easily. When she came back in the house, she was able to lay comfortably on my bed and purred so much and so loudly. I had been quite worried about doing this and my fears were greatly unfounded. What WONDERFUL, CARING people! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

- Shauna Hustin

"Wow! I am so impressed with the quality of service my two fur babies received. The groomers were so nice and very reassuring. They have an open door policy. They will come in and get them. They treated my Oliver and Olivia with gentle kindness. It is a safe and loving environment. I could go on and on. Rest assured you will not be disappointed. It is such a relief to have found Gabi Kat."

- Catherine B.
Photo of Pippin

"I have a long-haired Persian that gets mats very easily, and Gabi Kat was my solution for keeping my cat happy and mat-free! I would recommend them to anybody looking for convenient and trustworthy mobile cat grooming services."

- John Curtis

"My lovely Olivia had her bi-monthly grooming yesterday!! She looks wonderful and is so happy and so energized by being all fresh and clean! Thank you, Gabi Kat Grooming!"

- Laura Hastings-Brownstein

"The employees are very professional and friendly, and they take good care of my kitty. They even call to let you know their estimated arrival time, and there are reminders the day before the appointment so you don't forget."

- Anonymous Reviewer